On-site Bible Institute

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the On-site Bible Institute will be provisionally executed in a virtual way under the approval of the secretary of education, this until the academic and governmental entities send us the security protocols and the authorization to carry out the classes in person.


Currently our registrations for the second semester of 2021 are closed. Registration for the first semester of 2022 will be enabled from January 3 of that same year. On-site Bible Institute is carried out cyclically, that is to say new students enter into the rotating cycle the semester in which the rotation is going when they enroll.


The value of the semester is $ 450,000 Colombian pesos, if you want to register you must have proof of payment (for payments in our church or by consignment or bank transfer) and formalize your registration. You can also make electronic payment and enroll directly.


  • Photocopy of your high school diploma or graduation certificate (if available).
  • Photocopy of your ID.
  • Photocopy of your EPS or Sisben certificate or ID.
  • One (1) 3 x 4 cm photographs.
  • Registration form completed.
  • A copy of your proof of payment (only for payments in bank entity).

These requirements apply only to new students, you can send them attached to the email institutobiblico@iglesiafiladelfiajv.com


The Biblical Institute  "Jesucristo Vive" on-site mode has a tuition cost of COP 450.000 every semester. (Registrations currently closed)


Payment methods:


1. In cash at our facilities from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. m at 1:00 p. m and from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. m. (Av. Cra 68 # 18-49)


-After making your payment, take a photo of your payment receipt and complete your registration.


2. Through a bank deposit.


(To our checking account #04682743281 or agreement code 87595 of the bank "Bancolombia" in the name of Iglesia Filadelfia JV with Nit 830074557)


-After making your transfer or consignment, please take a photo of your payment receipt and complete your registration.


3. Through electronic means (debit or credit card and others).