Pay Tuition

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In this section, you can learn about the different payment methods for all the modalities of study of our Bible Institute "Jesucristo Vive". You can also register and formalize your registration in case you have already made the payment.


-Remember to print or save your payment receipt when making the transaction to validate your payment and formalize your registration without problems.

Our payment methods are:

1. Cash at our facilities.

2. Through a bank deposit.

3. Through electronic means (debit or credit card). 


*Students of virtual modality of the Biblical Institute, who have already made the payment at our facilities or through a bank, must upload the payment receipt and formalize the registration here:


Virtual Formalization


*Students of in-site modality of the Biblical Institute, who are old students and make the payment of the semester by bank or through electronic means, must print the payment receipt and formalize the registration of the semester personally at our facilities.

Bank Entity: 

To pay the tuition through a bank, there must be a bank deposit to our current account:

No. 04682743281 of Bancolombia Bank

Account name: “Iglesia Cristiana Filadelfia JV” NIT. number 830074557-9, including your identification data and the tuition value corresponding to the study modality you want:


  • On-Site: COP 450.000
  • Online: COP 350.000 o USD 140.


(For virtual mode you must formalize your registration after making the payment) 

Online Pay: 

To pay and formalize your registration through electronic payment, select one of the following options as appropriate:

  • On-Site
  • Online